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Studio9c is a place where people come to make music. Whether they come to study the guitar, bass, piano or music theory/composition and songwriting, there is always learning going on. You can also study engineering and music production.

Others come to record music, either original material or covers to showcase their voices. Some make packaged albums and shop them to labels, others make demos to get themselves gigs at local clubs. Studio9c mixes and masters and can create tracks/beats for virtually any style of music. If we can't do the job for you musically, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

Alan Cohen is the main proprietor of Studio9c and has been creating music in NYC for close to twenty years now. He wears many hats as a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, piano, percussion, drum programming and various other knick knacks lying around the studio. Alan is also a freelance guitar player, studio musician, sound engineer/music producer, and the list goes on.

Alan makes his own records out of Studio9c and has made countless records for others. He formerly played for the national touring act Toke Squealy and still plays with his own band the ACT. So get in here soon and make your DREAMS come true. All levels and styles are welcome. Studio9c is ready and open for business.


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